In agreement with
TRINITY Systems & Ici Terre (Paris)
we propose you the


This new process has been developed in France and is the result of many years of research and development which have lead to several patents world-wide.

It offers a 3 dimensional vision of the world on any printed or projected media.

This process allows to manipulate any existing 2D picture in order to make it appear with relief and volumes, by means of anaglyphic glasses, and keep a perfect sharpness to the naked eye.

The impact of the image is then significantly increased through its unique ability for seduction, persuasion and demonstration.

From business card format to billboards
the 3D image creates a surprise effect
and increases the memorisation
of your message !

The post cards which have been created for the amusement parks are sold in the range of one card for three entrances. It proves the huge impact of this product. Communication campaigns which have used the Keith Mac DONALD Relief System have generated similar results in terms of visibility and memorisation.

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