3D Stereoscopic Viewers

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Two images of objects from two different perspectives create a slightly different left and right eye view in order to simulate a 3D effect just like our binocular view does in the real life.

The effect can be magnified and become very surprizing.


- projections: new products, seminaries

- direct marketing

- promotion

- Point Of Sales

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Our exclusive hand viewer

The AMAZING CARD is easy to use, unexpensive, amazing !

This greating card will amaze your friends and clients !

THE SCOOP 3D STEREO VIEWERTM is a high quality European Stereoscopic product.
With 2 transparent slides for best viewing

A wonderful way to show your new products

The Skweez 3D viewer is very amazing, delivered with several different pictures


Specialised and experienced photographers, in Europe or in the USA, to realize amazing pictures.
2D to 3D conversion of existing pictures
An efficient follow-on and the respect of the delivery dates.

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