3D Television


Several processes exist today which aim to bring the relief effect into the television. 
Stereoscopic technics allow the projection of video pictures on a screen. The use of polarizing filters is needed. 

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This system requires shutter glasses

The processes which make use of red & blue glasses (anaglyphic) may also be used for television. 

More recently, the process based on the Pulfridge effect has been used by several TV networks worldwide. The particularity of this process comes from the fact that the pictures are filmed in permanent travelling. 
Such a process is interesting on one hand because the picture can be seen without glasses and on the other hand because the picture’s colors are not altered by the glasses. 

The Chromadepth 3D glasses, as shown in those pages, can also be used for TV. 

Recent studies have shown that we can expect that the lenticular television will be operational in a near future, allowing a qualitative vision, without glasses. 

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